iCentra’s Corporate Profile

iCentra is a business and technology solutions company delivering transformation with the mission to improve people and organizational performance. Our expertize includes Business Consulting, Technology Solutions, Project Management, and Learning & Development.

Founded in 2009, the company started operations in Abuja, Nigeria. iCentra partners with organizations to deliver exceptional results with emphasis on value creation for all stakeholders.  The company serves clients across the globe through its offices in Texas, United States and London, United Kingdom….. READ MORE


  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Learning and Development: iCentra Academy is the Learning and Development Unit of iCentra, which is committed to people development, empowerment and growth. We deliver value with quantifiable impact on business results. Our team of professionals have worked closely with national and international clients to guarantee an effective linkage between business objectives and human capacity learning needs. Our wide array of courses covers, Certifications, Project, Program & Portfolio Management, Productivity & Soft-Skills, Finance and Business Management courses.

Corporate Training

We offer tailor-made Local and International trainings, customized to meet the exact need of our client. Our Training & Development Team deliver cost-effective Local and International trainings in line with organizational goals.

On-Demand Training

Because individuals and organizations often require relevant knowledge on-the-go in order to achieve personal or corporate developmental goal, we offer on-demand training program designed to address the need of individuals and organizations both private and public sectors.

Capacity Support  

We provide strategic support to organizations for capacity enhancing events like conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats. This we have done effortlessly considering the diverse knowledge of our team. We draw our experience from initiatives that we have helped organizations to develop and deliver.

Open Classes

Our open classes are also tailored to meet business to customer needs, ranging from individuals to small groups who want to gain leverage by enhancing their professional and soft skills


iCentra Academy is the Learning Unit of iCentra and we are committed to people development, empowerment and growth. We deliver value with quantifiable impact on business results through trainings – corporate training (local and international), training-on-demand and capacity support services.

Over the past 10 years, iCentra has built immense learning & development capabilities and we are confident that we will be able to fully leverage these capabilities to deliver a unique learning & development experience in a way that maximizes the overall benefit to your organization.

World-class value at the right price: Our training & development team deliver cost-effective local and international trainings in line with organizational goals.

Conducive environment: Our training sessions (both physical and virtual) give you the iCentra Academy experience – transformation, innovation and excellence. our facilities and platforms ensure that learning and understanding seamless.

Expert led classes: We have an outstanding team of professionals who work closely with clients to guarantee an effective linkage between their business strategies, organizational design, human capability, revenue growth, financial performance and ultimately marketplace success.

Proven track record: Over the years we have provided capacity development across public, private,development sectors and top tier international organizations.

Our Courses