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Fund Raising & Proposal Writing


Fund Raising and Proposal Writing – Fundraising is important for the sustainability of non-profit organizations, it allows organizations to create a pool of funds for maintaining recurrent and program costs, it is therefore very essential for every non-profit to acquire fundraising skills.
In Nigeria, most not-for profit institutions have limited experience driving fund raising strategies for their organizations, often, the focus is on writing grant proposals to international donors, this manual has been designed to help Nigerians look inwards and think creatively about other sources of funds to sustain their non-profit activities. This fund raising and proposal writing manual has been developed for an online course content but can also be used to facilitate fundraising and proposal writing workshops.
The manual would improve the knowledge of NGOs on how to be direct, purposeful, and engaging to project themselves for visibility and acceptability for the purpose of driving their fund-raising
strategies. It is also designed to develop the skills of NGOs on proposal writing techniques using case study samples and a write-along engagement strategy on the course, This training is presented in two parts:

Part I: explains fundraising fundamentals and describes the sources non-profits can target for their fund raising. It also provides an insight into how non-profits can develop their fund-raising strategies and plans.

Part II: provides information about the proposal writing process, it also provides a step-by step guide on proposal writing for the benefit of non-profits.

For this training, you would require a workbook, your workbook can be in an MS word document. For every case study and examples provided, you are expected to develop your own examples in your workbook. This can be uploaded in the interactive chat box at the end of your course where it may be reviewed by your peers on the course or by your team at your office/institution. You may decide to modify the workbook after the reviews, be sure to highlight corrections that were made and share again on the chat box for others to learn.
As a Non-profit, you must conduct annual surveys to understand the patterns of funding in Nigeria, that process is not provided on this course, but it is essential and unless non-profits know and keep a data base, it will be difficult to utilise most of the skills to be taught on this course.

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